What better way to keep cozy, give your metabolism  a  little boost, and benefit your health than to sauna in the wintertime.

Great reasons to sauna in winter:

1) Helps to lift energy and mood – by promoting a deep sleep and by releasing endorphins and helping the body to relax quickly
2) Helps you sweat – that cleansing sweat helps eject toxins from your body and boost your circulation.
3) Boosts your immune system and fight colds faster – the high heat helps to clear sinuses and slow the growth of viruses.

The infrared sauna at Arborvitae Naturopathic Clinic is available for booking in 1 hour sessions. That gives enough time to sauna at your pace and shower during and after.

Sauna sessions can be booked as an add-on before or after your clinic appointment or in 5-session packages.

Call or email the clinic to book your sessions.