Naturopathic Medicine is a system of primary care that addresses the root cause of illness, focuses on prevention of disease and promotes health using natural therapies to stimulate the body’s own healing forces.

Naturopathic doctors are family practitioners who are able to perform annual physical exams and diagnostic testing, as well as help you to be as healthy as you can using preventative therapies.

Naturopathic doctors use gentle diagnosis and therapies to identify and treat the root cause of your illness, by stimulating your body’s innate self-healing power.

Naturopathic doctors recognize that each person is unique due to mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social, spiritual and other factors, so they choose individualized therapies for your treatment, and help to heal the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

Lastly, Naturopathic doctors seek to share their knowledge of healthy living and preventative medicine by teaching and empowering their patients.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine, otherwise known as TCM, consists of using both acupuncture and herbs. It is based on over 2500 years of practical knowledge.

TCM strives for balance in the body, mind and spirit. You will hear your ND talk about “Qi” or energy that needs to flow freely in your body. When it does not we experience symptoms, such as pain and fatigue. Every illness has two defined sides (e.g., Yin and Yang, or Excess and Deficiency). According to TCM, a state of good health can only be achieved through balance and harmony.

TCM diagnosis is based on assessment of physical symptoms, examination of the tongue and palpation of the wrist pulses. This combination of the data enables your ND to make a TCM diagnosis of the cause of imbalance and to decide which acupuncture points and herbs are necessary to treat and balance the body.

There are fourteen TCM meridians that run through the body. By inserting acupuncture needles or simply putting pressure (acupressure) on the specific points along these meridians, the organs and vessels can be tonified or sedated to achieve balance. Herbs have therapeutic properties, and balance the body.

Botanical medicine is the practice of using plants therapeutically to treat various conditions. NDs are extensively trained in the safe and proper use of both Western botanical and traditional Chinese herbs.

In many cultures, plants are major components of healing; for example, by the Native Canadians, Chinese and Europeans. In North America, unfortunately, the art and use of botanical medicine had gradually declined since the 1920’s, as an increasing number of pharmaceuticals were synthetically developed from original plant substances.

Plants often contain more than one therapeutically effective active ingredient. When you consume the whole plant, you are also consuming ingredients that not only contribute to the activity of the plant, but may counteract some of the unpleasant side effects of other ingredients; this is the concept of plant synergy.

At Arborvitae, Dr. Laura, ND will make certain that the herb she has chosen will work specifically for your condition without interacting with any medications. She will recommend the most effective form of the botanical for your unique condition.

Counseling is an essential component of Naturopathic Medicine. Most physical concerns have an underlying mental or emotional component, which until addressed may cause the physical concern to continue. NDs are empathetic and attentive listeners who strive to identify the root cause of illness.

Lifestyle counseling involves making suggestions to help patients make better choices. These suggestions are often as simple as drinking more water, and could be more complex descriptions of meal-planning.

At Arborvitae, Dr. Laura, ND strives to teach her patients, to empower them to make the best choices for their health and well-being.

Homeopathy is an energetic system of medicine that has been practiced for more than 200 years, which stimulates biological and physiological healing by the body itself. Homeopathy uses uniquely prepared remedies prescribed to precisely match the symptoms a patient is experiencing.

The remedies are prepared from natural sources – plant, mineral and animal. They are used in very small amounts, are non-toxic and safe for use in infants, children, adults and animals alike. Remedies are used in the form of sucrose pellets, creams, ointments, and salves, made by mixing remedies with a cream or gel base.

At Arborvitae, Dr. Laura, ND asks very specific questions to determine which remedy will best suit each patient.

Naturopathic doctors are extensively trained in clinical nutrition. This involves using nutrients not only for preventing deficiencies, but as medicines to treat physiological diseases. Each person is unique and therefore has their own unique nutritional requirements. NDs recommend nutrients that are specifically important for each unique patient taking into consideration their health condition and environmental factors, as well as prevention of future concerns. Clinical nutrition includes daily intake of nutrients through food and beverages, as well as the use of high quality nutritional supplements where appropriate to meet an individual’s needs.

At Arborvitae, Dr. Laura, ND spends a considerable amount of time working with her patients and teaching them the very real importance of eating “cleanly”. The concept of clean eating involves eating whole, real food that is grown as locally as possible and with as little use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers as possible. She guides her patients to a nutritional plan that takes into account this individuality. She considers food preferences, health concerns and nutritional requirements.

Water therapy is a health treatment that has been used since before the Middle Ages in Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean. Since its rediscovery in the 1800’s, the term Hydrotherapy has been used to describe treatments involving water and its physical properties, such as temperature and pressure, for therapeutic purposes, to stimulate blood circulation and ease the symptoms of certain diseases. Hydrotherapy includes water baths, foot baths, alternating hot and cold through the use of sauna and showers.

Significant research has been done in the area of sauna therapy for the stimulation of detoxification processes within the body. Benefit has been seen in various conditions including skin diseases, and addressing weight concerns.



At Arborvitae, our locally built, allergen and chemical free infrared sauna is available for patients to use to aid treatment and detoxification. Our private sauna and shower room allows patients to listen to relaxing music while enjoying their sauna treatment.

Add on a one-hour sauna session to your Naturopathic visit. There couldn’t be a more relaxing way to end your visit at Arborvitae than a refreshing sauna. Sauna pricing includes the use of supplies and equipment (i.e. towels and shower) for making your sauna experience relaxing and enjoyable.

Your Naturopathic Doctor may recommend blood, urine, or saliva testing to better understand the physiological impact of your health condition, to determine your risk factors for disease, or to help you prevent the onset of diseases that run in your family.

Standard laboratory tests are most often used to determine whether you have a particular disease or illness. However, they can also be used to determine optimal health. Your ND can identify patterns in your blood work that indicate underlying health conditions, and work with you to achieve optimal test results that are associated with improved well-being and disease prevention.

Dr. Laura, ND works cooperatively with her patients medical doctors to ensure laboratory testing is performed. Some people will benefit from more thorough testing that is not available through their medical doctor, or OHIP.

Arborvitae provides some on-site testing services and works with a number of advanced diagnostic companies. These companies are known internationally for their quality and accuracy.