Laboratory Testing

Lab_testing_2 Your naturopathic doctor may recommend blood, urine, or saliva testing to better understand the physiological impact of your health condition, to determine your risk factors for disease, or to help you prevent the onset of diseases that run in your family.

Standard laboratory tests are most often used to determine whether you have a particular disease or illness. However, they can also be used to determine optimal health. Your naturopathic doctor can identify patterns in your blood work that indicate underlying health conditions, and work with you to achieve optimal test results that are associated with improved wellbeing and disease prevention.

Dr. Laura, ND works cooperatively with her patients medical doctors to ensure laboratory testing is performed. Some people will benefit from more thorough testing that is not available through their medical doctor, or OHIP. 

Arborvitae provides some on-site testing services and works with a number of advanced diagnostic companies. These companies are known internationally for their quality and accuracy.