HomeopathicsHomeopathy is an energetic system of medicine that has been practised for more than 200 years, which stimulates biological and physicological healing by the body itself. Homeopathy uses uniquely prepared remedies prescribed to precisely match the symptoms a patient is experiencing.

The remedies are prepared from natural sources - plant, mineral and animal. They are used in very small amounts, are non-toxic and safe for use in infants, children, adults and animals alike. Remedies are used in the form of sucrose pellets, creams, ointments, and salves, made by mixing remedies with a cream or gel base.

At Arborvitae, Dr. Laura, ND asks very specific questions to determine which remedy will best suit each patient. Dr. Laura, ND uses homeopathy to treat a variety of conditions, including acute illensses such as headaches, bladder infections and sore throats.