Clinical Nutrition


Naturopathic doctors are extensively trained in clinical nutrition. This involves using nutrients not only for preventing deficiencies, but as medicines to treat physiological diseases. Each person is unique and therefore has their own unique nutritional requirements. NDs recommend nutrients that are specifically important for each unique patient taking into consideration their health condition and environmental factors as well as prevention of future concerns. Clinical nutrition includes daily intake of nutrients through food and beverages, as well as the use of high quality nutritional supplements where appropriate to meet an individual's needs.

At Arborvitae, Dr. Laura, ND spends a considerable amount of time working with her patients and teaching them the very real importance of eating "cleanly". The concept of clean eating involves eating whole, real food that is grown as locally as possible and with as little use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers as possible.  She guides her patients to a nutritional plan that takes into account this individuality. She considers food preferences, health concerns and nutritionl requirements.