Botanical medicine is the practice of using plants therapeutically to treat various conditions. NDs are extensitvely trained in the safe and proper use of both Western botanical and traditional Chinese herbs.

In many cultures, plants are major components of healing; for example, by the Native Canadians, Chinese and Europeans. In North America, unfortunately, the art and use of botanical medicine had gradually declined since the 1920's, as an increasing number of pharmaceuticals were synthetically developed from original plant substances.

Plants often contain more than one therapeutically effective active ingredient. When you consume the whole plant, you are also consuming ingredients that not only contribute to the activity of the plant, but may counteract some of the unpleasant side effects of other ingredients; this is the concept of plant synergy.

At Arborvitae, Dr. Laura, ND will make certain that the herb she has chosen will work specifically for your condition without interacting with any medications. She will recommend the most effective form of the botanical for your unique condition.