Happy Mo-vember!

November 09, 2012

Good foods for men to eat, exercises you may not think of doing and advice from Dr. Laura...

Healthier Halloween

October 22, 2012

In my quest to find Halloween "treats" that I can hand out in good conscience to the children coming to my door, I've come across these ideas...

Is Salt Really Bad for Us?

October 15, 2012

My doctor told me I have high blood pressure, but you are telling me to eat sea salt, isn't that going to raise my blood pressure? Read more...

Clinic Opening!

October 03, 2012

After much hard work and anticipation Arborvitae will be opening its door for appointments...

So, what is Stevia really?

August 02, 2012

I get asked this question all the time. What is Stevia? Where do I buy it? What is it made from? Is it healthy for you? Here is the low-down on this sweet tasting, easy-to-grow herb.

Delicious Popsicles your Kids will Enjoy

July 31, 2012

A great way to cool down during the summer is with popsicles, freezies, and fudgsicles, but the ones we can buy at the grocery store are full of sugar and food colouring. Why not make your own, they are super easy, take only a few minutes to prepare and you can control the ingredients going into these tasty treats.