Beet & Apple Salad with Feta

March 11, 2013


A colourful and tasty winter vegetable salad...

How to cook Quinoa

March 07, 2013

Quinoa, pronouced "keen-wa", is a seed originating in Peru. It is protein rich, gluten free and a wonderful alternative to rice. It has a nutty flavour and chewy texture. Read on to for how to cook quinoa...


Asian Quinoa & Vegetable Salad

March 04, 2013

Here is a quinoa salad with an Asian flare. Try this salad paired with soy, lime and sesame  marinated salmon or chicken...


Apple Lentil Salad

March 01, 2013

My daughter asked me once "what's your favourite food". Easy...salad. Really salad can be defined in so many ways. Many people think of salad as boring old lettuce, some chunks of vegetbales and bottled dressing. But salad can be so much more. I'll be featuring some of my favourite salad recipes over the next couple of weeks. 

Try this hearty and tasty winter salad...

What does a Naturopathic Doctor eat anyway?

February 27, 2013

So one of my patients, actually a few of my patients, have asked me "what do you eat"? I decided to share a little...

Local and Organic Food

February 27, 2013


Do you want to support local farmers, and feed your family healthier food grown closer to home? Read on to find out more...