Eggless Pancakes

July 08, 2013

When my daughter was young, I used to make pancakes 3-4 times per week for breakfast because she loved them so much. Since she cannot eat eggs I had to figure out a recipe that didn't use them. Now by popular request, here is my favourite recipe for eggless pancakes. 

Eggless Banana French Toast

June 24, 2013

Here is a new spin on an old favourite. If you are not able to eat eggs, you need not miss out on french toast.

Southwest Scrambled Tofu

June 22, 2013

Here is a tasty, protein-rich alternative to scrambled eggs. 

The scoop on soy

June 19, 2013

Soy has had a lot of press - both good and bad. Here is some info to help you weed through the plethora of soy news. 


No-Bake Almond Butter Balls

June 17, 2013

Here is a great recipe that kids can even help make. Again, not high in sugar, yet loaded with flavour.

Chocolate Protein Bars

June 13, 2013

Whoever said that chocolate isn't healthy is totally wrong. Chocolate is rich in magnesium and other minerals, due to its bitter taste it aids digestion. Try cocoa in these bars - you'll love them.