Kale-Broccoli Slaw

July 16, 2013

Try this delicious salad. Another way of enjoying kale, yet it still has a creamy-like dressing  for for a change from vinigrette...

Healthy Rice Crispy Square

July 14, 2013

Made these rice crispy squares with my daughter this past week - they were a hit with her and her friends and my friends too. So here's the recipe...

Eggless Pancakes

July 08, 2013

When my daughter was young, I used to make pancakes 3-4 times per week for breakfast because she loved them so much. Since she cannot eat eggs I had to figure out a recipe that didn't use them. Now by popular request, here is my favourite recipe for eggless pancakes. 

Eggless Banana French Toast

June 24, 2013

Here is a new spin on an old favourite. If you are not able to eat eggs, you need not miss out on french toast.

Southwest Scrambled Tofu

June 22, 2013

Here is a tasty, protein-rich alternative to scrambled eggs. 

The scoop on soy

June 19, 2013

Soy has had a lot of press - both good and bad. Here is some info to help you weed through the plethora of soy news.