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Chewy Baked Granola Bars

January 23, 2014

Try out this delicious baked granola bar recipe. It makes soft chewy bars rather than crunchy ones. They are healthier than the store bought version, and way less expensive.

Sweet & Spicy Black Bean Dip

October 15, 2013

This is a fantastically versatile dip or spread. Great taste and very different from hummus.

Hungry for Hummus

October 10, 2013

Here is my basic recipe for hummus and a few variations you can do to make other delicious dips with a whole new look and taste...

Make your own Chai Tea

August 19, 2013

Try your hand at making your own Chai tea at home. This recipe produces a rich, fragrant wonderful tea to share with a friend...

Eggless Oatmeal Applesauce Muffins

July 26, 2013

Another scrumptious muffin recipe...

Eggless Blueberry Muffins

July 24, 2013

Mmmmmuffins! If you think muffins are unhealthy - you must be thinking about most muffins that you buy out at coffee shops. But making muffins at home where you can control the ingredients that go in - they can be healthy and a great snack for kids and adults.