Breast Thermography Clinic at Arborvitae

April 22, 2014

In celebration of Naturopathic Medicine Week  -  May 12-18  Arborvitae Naturopathic Clinic is hosting Pro-Health Imaging.   Nurse - Lynn Schott will be here to provide thermal imaging.

What is thermography?


Medical thermography is a non-invasive clinical procedure for detecting and monitoring a number of diseases and physical injuries by showing thermal abnormalities present in the body.

Thermography uses ultrasensitive medical infrared cameras and sophisticated computers to detect, analyze and produce high-resolution images of these temperature variations in the body.

Thermography creates a digital map of your body that illustrates heat patterns - patterns that may detect some condition or abnormality. Just as unique as a fingerprint, each patient has a particular infrared map. Any modification of this infrared map on images taken overtime may constitute an early sign of abnormality.

Medical thermography is filling the gap in clinic diagnosis, as CT scans, ultrasound and MRIs are all test of anatomy. There is NO touching, NO radiation and NO pain involved in thermography.

Thermography's best use is its ability to detect subtle, vascular and physiological change, that if left unattended, may become a degenerative disease.

How do I book an appointment?


The thermography clinic is held Monday, May 12 from 10:00am to 5:00pm

Contact Arborvitae Naturopathic clinic at 705-259-0127 to book your imaging appointment

Imaging takes approximately 30 minutes

The cost for breast thermography is $225 plus HST. Many insurance providers will cover the cost of this imaging, call your health beneifts company to inquire

How to I prepare for the thermography?

  • you are asked to refrain from tobacco use, coffee or tea consumption for 2 hours prior to the imaging
  • you are asked not to shave your underarms or use any skin creams, lotions, deodorants or powders on your breasts or underarms on the day of your imaging
  • you are asked to refrain from exercise, bathing or showering for 1 hour prior to your imaging
  • you must wait for at least 3 months after breast surgery, the completion of chemotherapy or radiation before imaging


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