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Salad Dressings

November 09, 2014

Store bought salad dressings tend to contain ample preservatives and thus many of them taste the same – despite having different ingredients. Check out these easy to prepare, delicious dressings...Salad_dressings

Creamy Tahini Dressing

November 22, 2013

This dressing or sauce is delicious used on salad and over rice dishes. It has a full creamy taste similar to caesar salad dressing.


Greek Salad Dressing

July 22, 2013

With all of the summer produce available right now, Greek Salad is such a light and refreshing way to use these veggies...

Kale-Broccoli Slaw

July 16, 2013

Try this delicious salad. Another way of enjoying kale, yet it still has a creamy-like dressing  for for a change from vinigrette...

Chickpea Salad

March 18, 2013

This is by far my most favourite chickpea salad. I make this every other week in the summer when ingredients are the freshest, but it can still be made this time of the year too, for a glimpse at the coming warmer weather...


Beet & Apple Salad with Feta

March 11, 2013


A colourful and tasty winter vegetable salad...