Healthy and Sustainable Fish Sources

November 09, 2020

Omega 3 is the healthy fat that helps us to properly metabolize our cholesterol, support our immune system, stabilize mood, benefit brain development and balance hormones. 


Finding healthy sources of fish that are not contaminated with pollutants and are fished in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way is very important. 


Many predatory fish have already disappeared from the oceans since industrialized fishing began. Just take cod fishing in Canada's east coast. Entire villages were forced to move or find new jobs after their livelihood was destroyed due to massively declining cod populations. Overfishing along with poor fishing methods and farming practices are contributing to this problem.

Choosing fish from suppliers that choose sustainable methods can make all the difference. Here is how you can make a difference: 


1) Look for the Ocean Wise symbol on fish and seafood products - this assures you that the product was fished sustainably. Ocean Wise is is a program for national seafood sustainability through the Vancouver Aquarium.



2) Marine Stewardship Council for wild seafood and Aquaculture Stewardship for farmed seafood are also identified on products - watch for their logos on fresh, frozen, and canned seafood, fish oil and pet food. 

3) If your local retailer has not yet committed to stocking and identifying sustainable choices - ASK THEM TO!

4) When purchasing fish oil - either liquid or capsules - look for the "3rd Party Tested for Purity" label, to ensure the product has been tested for contaminants.



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