Clean Shower Glass

February 25, 2013

In Orillia area we have high calcium levels which leaves a white hard scaly residue on our taps, tubs and glass shower doors. If left to dry repeatedly the scale builds up and is difficult to remove and doesn't leave our shower glass looking too sparkly.

To avoid using harsh (on your health and the environment) chemicals to clean the shower glass try these tips:

Buy a shower squeegee Squeegee

  • these can range in price from $3 to $20
  • are available at Canaidan Tire, Home Depot, Rona and Home Hardware
  • use after each shower to squeegee the water from the glass. This will minimize the scale buildup and make cleaning the glass a whole lot easier


Vinegar & water wash

  • Use 1/4 cup white vinegar mixed with a couple drops of dish detergent and 3/4 cup hot water to wipe away hard water stains
  • the dish soap helps to cut through soap scum, while the vinegar and hot water break up the scale
  • scrub the shower glass with this mixture, rinse with water and then squeegee dry


Tea tree for clarity

  • mix water and 10 drops tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Shake well and spritz your shower doors, then wipe with down with a microfibre cloth
  • this helps shower doors to stay cleaner longer.


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