Stainless Steel Smears

February 20, 2013

Ecomax1Ecomax3 So, when choosing appliances for our new house, my partner didn't have any real 7th_generation opinion except that he thought stainless steel ones would look the nicest. I shook my head at the  idea and said we'll never be able to keep the fingerprints off them. But I went off to find our options. The applaince sales people will told me that the "new stainless steel" doesn't hold fingerprints like the old stuff did.

Well, I can tell you this is baloney. We have everything from cat paw prints to olive-oily fingersmears on these new appliances. So I challenged my partner to coNaturecleanme up with a way to clean  them using the natural cleaning products we use in our house. I had already tried vinegar and water, which shined the surface, but did nothing to take away the fingerprints. Well, he rose to the challenge and came up with a beautifully simple solution.

So here it is, no more costly and toxic stainless steel cleaners necessary in your house. Hot water, dish detergent, a sponge or microfibre cloth and a little elbow grease. Yep - that's it.

Simple, clean, and natural dish detergents like Eco Max Natural Dish Wash, Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid, Nature Clean Dishwashing Liquid work well. These detergents are the cleanest brands available in our area and contain plant-derived surfactants which help to bind to the oils and remove them. Enjoy your shiny appliances!


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