Healthier Halloween

October 22, 2012

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Halloween. It is very possibly my favourite time of the year, dressing up and decorating the house to make a scary graveyard is my specialty. But when my daughter was born, I really started to think about what I was giving out to kids in their treat bags. I grew up in a hippie household, where my parents gave out little bags of sunflower seeds in the shell - and all the kids loved them. But those are not as easy to come across nowadays. So I share with you my list of ideas for kid-approved, don't-egg-my-house Halloween treats.

  • temporary tattoos or stickers
  • spooky pencils or erasers
  • witch fingernails and spider rings
  • mini playdohs or crayon packs
  • glow bracelets or necklaces
  • boxes of raisins
  • fruit to go fruit leathers
  • and if you can find them - sunflower seeds in the shell

Kids get excited getting something different. And parents of young children will thank you for it. No one needs all of that junky Halloween candy around their house for week after Oct 31st anyway!


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