What is too cold for baby?

January 08, 2017


Well, this year December and January have given us record snow fall, and winter is truly upon us. With all this snow, it is a perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy some of the many winter activities we have right at our doorstep here in Orillia area.

I just had this question from a mom patient of mine, it is a good one that I though might be on the minds of other mommies of young children, so I thought I would post an answer.

"How cold is too cold to take my baby out for a walk? I've tried Google but the answers are all over the map!"

Too cold for baby - good question. So, babies are born even in the Arctic, so there isn't necessarily a too cold for baby, more whether baby is dressed warmly enough.

Good rules of thumb:

1) You should always put one more layer onto your baby or child than you would wear yourself. There should be close fitting layers covered by puffier looser layers to make a bit of a warm air pocketMom_and_baby1

2) Remember that if baby is in a stroller, she is not moving around creating heat, so her hands and feet will get cold sooner than yours do. Check on hands and feet every once in awhile. If you have her in a baby carrier she will be cozier because she is sharing your body heat, but be aware that her feet can still get cold because they are hanging down.

3) Cover her face from the wind just like you would like yours covered

Other than that, go out and have fun, use your common sense. In so many countries and other provinces and territories, children and babies are outdoors for hours and hours in way colder climates than we live in, and are healthy happy kiddos.


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